How we operate

We rent the hall and initially we hired equipment and projected films onto the back wall but now we have our own projector for Blu-Ray and DVDs and our own cinema-quality screen. In 2015 we we made a successful bid for a new, more-powerful projector from the BFI Neighbourhood Cinema Equipment Fund and in 2016 we upgraded to a new stereo amplifier having benefitted from the advice of a BFI Technical Ambassador.

We buy or rent the DVDs but since we are showing to members of the public, must pay a licence fee that is dependent on the size our audience.  

We work with various distributors and independent film companies but have an established relationship with Moviola, a distribution group that arranges licences for organisations such as ours and has affiliates all around the country. This makes it much cheaper for us to obtain films.

Tickets can be bought in advance from Loddon Garden & DIY and we are very grateful for their help. Click on the link to find out more about them and remember to buy something else while you are in the shop!

Admission Policy - Any tickets reserved by telephone or email must be collected by 7.15 on the night of the show.  Because there is a strict legal limit on the capacity of the hall (we can accommodate 85), we may have to refuse admission and operate a first-come, first-in policy.


All the committee are volunteers and self-taught at their various jobs in the box-office, projection room and refreshment area so we are always glad of any help, even if only to put away the chairs! If you would like to become more involved in any aspect of our activities, speak to one of the committee or send us an email.


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