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2016 Film Programme

Several  of the films in our programme are subsidised by the British Film Institute Neighbourhood Cinema project.

We are very grateful for their support and, as they ask us to survey our audiences, we will be issuing a very simple questionnaire after certain films to assess your responses.

We were successful in our bid for a new, more-powerful, projector from the BFI Equipment Fund in 2015. Together with our new Blu-Ray disc player we hope this will increase your enjoyment.

Thursday 7th April

The Lady in the Van (12A) 104 mins     TRAILER     REVIEW


Maggie Smith gives an exceptional performance as Miss Mary Shepherd, an enigmatic and eccentric old woman who takes up residence in the driveway of writer Alan Bennett’s Camden house in 1973.

Running alongside what are presented as the facts of the story are scenes showing the conflicts experienced by Bennett as both protagonist and writer - just who is exploiting whom as the story is unfolded?

You can read an excerpt from Bennett’s diaries (6 January and mid-October when filming started in 2014).


Thursday 5th May

Bridge of Spies (12A) 135 mins     TRAILER     REVIEW

Cold war thriller starring Tom Hanks and Mark Rylance (BAFTA and Oscar winner for Best Supporting Actor), based on the true events surrounding exchange of U2 pilot Gary Powers for a Russian spy.

The film focuses on James B Donovan (Hanks), an esteemed insurance lawyer who was part of the prosecution team during the Nuremberg trials. To the dismay of his family, this man of formidable principle and idealistic American values agrees to represent one Rudolf Abel (Rylance) – an unassuming painter and Soviet spy living in Brooklyn, who's arrested at the film's outset in a tense but one-sided game of cat and mouse.


Thursday 2nd June

Spotlight (15) 125 mins      TRAILER     REVIEW

Oscar-winner for Best Film of 2015, this is the gripping newsroom story of how a major scandal about child abuse was uncovered. Sticking to the facts, the film depicts real events and real people, detailing how a small, four-person team managed to uncover a major scandal (and persuade their editor to publish).








Thursday 7th July

Steve Jobs (15) 122 mins      TRAILER     REVIEW

Fascinating portrait of the man who created Apple computers in a fast-paced film directed with flair by Danny Boyle. The story unfolds backstage at the launch of three iconic products  with clever use of different filming technologies available at each time (16mm for 1984, 35mm for 1988 and digital for 1998) and soundtrack to match

Steve Jobs has received dozens of industry and critics awards. The film collected four Golden Globe Award nominations for Best Actor for Fassbender, Best Supporting Actress for Winslet, Best Screenplay and Best Original Score Pemberton. Winslet won the BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role and both Fassbender and Winslet received Oscar  nominations for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actress.








Thursday 11th August (note this is the 2nd Thursday)

Hail Caesar! (12A) 104 mins     TRAILER     REVIEW

Set in the glamorous world of 1950s Hollywood studio with a story involving kidnap of the star of a sword ‘n’ sandals epic production (George Clooney).  Other stars include Ralph Fiennes as an uptight British film director and Scarlett Johansson as an indiscreet starlet.  A riotous tribute to classic musicals of the time. 



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