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2015 Film Programme

Several  of the films in our programme are subsidised by the British Film Institute Neighbourhood Cinema project.

We are very grateful for their support and, as they ask us to survey our audiences, we will be issuing a very simple questionnaire after certain films to assess your responses.

GOOD NEWS! We have been successful in our bid for a new, more-powerful, projector from the BFI Equipment Fund. We hope this will increase your enjoyment.


  Thursday August 6

The Second Best Marigold Hotel (PG) 119 mins    TRAILER   REVIEW

Completely silly and with a story line that gets bogged down with sub-plots it felt like watching some TV soap about an Abbey - but of course nearly all the old actors and characters from the first film are there and it is nice to be in their company for another two hours. India looks ravishing: the colour and music are lovely. Whether any of it bears any relationship to reality is another matter altogether.



Coming Soon (more details later)

Thursday 3 Sept     

Danny Collins (15) 106 mins

Al Pacino as a fading rock star re-evaluating his career


Thursday 1 Oct

Woman in Gold (12A) 109 mins

A Jewish American woman (Helen Mirren) tries to recover a Klimt portrait stole by the Nazis.


Thursday 15 Oct
A Royal Night Out (12A) 97 mins.

Romantic drama about the two princesses escaping Buckingham Palace on VE Day in 1945.

Thursday 1 Nov 

Mr Holmes (PG) 104 mins

Tour de force performance from Ian McKellen as the ageing sleuth.


Thursday 3 Dec

45 Years (12A) 96 mins

Filmed in Norfolk, this drama/thriller sees Tom Courtenay and Charlotte Rampling play a couple suddenly faced with a grisly discovery.



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